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For all your pet's needs!

At Dogma we strive to offer the very best dog and cat foods at reasonable prices. The health, well being and safety of your pet are ALWAYS our top priority.  All suggestions and guidance for the needs of your pet are based on that promise.  Our loyal customers often express their gratitude and say that the education and assistance that they receive from Dogma has dramatically improved the life of their pet. Their only regret was that they hadn’t found us sooner.

Our foods contain no by-products or fillers.  Many are GMO FREE. We offer a wide selection of raw frozen diets, freeze dried diets and treats, canned foods, premium quality dry kibble as well as fantastic nutritional supplements.

Come in and experience the difference a healthy diet and knowledgeable suggestions can make in the life of your dog or cat!

Food & Treat Brands

Check out what food we offer for your dog or cat.

We have whatever pet care supplies you could ask for.

Toys, beds, crates, and more!

Keep your pooch fashionable with these trendy outfits!

Food & Treats

Pet Care & Supplementals

Pet Care & Supplementals

Toys & Accessories

Toys & Accessories


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